Organizational Analysis as a Business Consultant

Organizational Analysis as a Business Consultant

The first part is the Outline ( Due 5 pm or 17:00 (New York Time),  April 8th,  2017 – along with references


The second part is the Complete Company Analysis Paper ( Due 5 pm or 17:00 hrs (New York Time),  April 12 Th, 2017 – along with references and graphs – Do not need the Graphs Until the Second Part


This paper needs to show an understanding of issues facing Strategic Management, Organizational Culture –   Change and Development, Managing Organizational Growth, and finances.


Use what format you are comfortable with for writing;  as long as Intext and References are APA 6 TH Edition (Please Use CITEFAST, it will also show you how to do the intext citation).

Please, Be Thorough and NO PLAGERISM ( I do check with 3 different plagiarism tools). No title page needed.

I am including the overview ( make sure you read) in another doc that goes to this paper, please make sure you read it. Minimum 12 pages of writing (excluding references, title page, and graphs

Company and competitors are provided in outline; the outline looks like more work than it is. It is broken down to make easier and to ensure areas ae covered. Please look over doc to make sure you understand the work, all parts of the outline are needed.

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