Cloud Computing Protocal

. Describe the SOAP protocol. What are protocols, and what do they mean with respect to cloud computing. Give and example (that is not in the book) illustrating how SOAP works.

B. Find an example of a virtual appliance and describe how it can be used.

C. Describe one application that you could use to connect to a cloud service (not a Web browser) and how it works from the perspective of chapter 3.

NOTE: use as many sources needed but do not add in text citation, also do not just copy sentences use your own words to explain in detail. The book will be attached as a pdf file, it has chapter 3. Also, Make sure that you do not add examples that are existing in the book

Cloud Computing

Protocols are a standard method of communication among different computers in a network with different operating systems. In cloud computing, protocols ensure effective communication among computers with different OS in a network over the internet. SOAP is a contraction for Simple Object Access Protocol and serves as a communication protocol that allows various programs running on disparate OS such as Linux and Windows OS to correspond using HTTP and XML. An example of how SOAP works could involve the following scenario; a web enabled computer application in a machine connected to the internet can launch SOAP request to a web enabled server, for instance mortgage price database, with search parameters. The server then coveys back the request in XML formatted language containing the requested data such as prices, location and availability. It would be possible for the requesting machine to decode the XML message.

A virtual appliance is an incomplete platform of a virtual machine which is basically a software image that operates in a hypervisor. Virtual appliance facilitates effective operation of tasks requiring services of specific software without its installation. An example of a virtual appliance is the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. The appliance reduces the cost hurdle to the point where it becomes reasonable for each client hosted on the virtual software to perform their respective tasks independently.

An example of an application one could use to connect to a cloud service is the Microsoft Azure. Azure is a virtual machine which enables the client machine to achieve more control of the server environment. The application software enables efficient connection of a local machine to the server. It enhances the server and host communication over the web and improves the speed of relaying messages and requests.



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