Privacy laws and Selling data

Privacy laws and Selling data Term paper: A term paper will be due on Monday 5/01. The term paper will be 20% of your course grade.

Your topic must be in the form of a thesis statement you must show me an outline for this paper……Remember  the topic must have ethical issue with technology and must be arguementative .

The term paper topic/thesis will be largely up to you. Your topic and your thesis are not two separate things, but one thing. The topic of your paper is implicit in your thesis, so what you actually hand in is a thesis. A thesis is a single true/false sentence that says something substantial about some topic. A thesis is not a question or a series of statements or a paragraph. It is a single sentence that says something substantial. Your thesis is what you will be arguing for in your term paper. A college term paper is always nothing but an argument for some thesis or other. A college term paper is not ever just a general “report” on some issue, but an argument for a clearly stated thesis. So, coming up with a thesis is a fundamental part of the process of writing a term paper.

An outline is not a draft of your paper or a sequence of prose paragraphs. It is a general sketch in outline form of the argument you will make for your thesis in your term paper. If you are not sure what “outline form” is, look this up, go to the tutoring center, or come and see me, but DON’T wait until the last minute. Usually a term paper is fairly easy to write once you have a solid outline and have identified bibliographic sources that you intend to use for making your argument.

The term paper is usually between 5 and 10 pages long. It must contain a “Bibliography” or “Works Cited” section at the end. You will cite works here as you did in your response essays all term, but here, it is not just an exercise as in the response essays. For your term paper, the works you put in your bibliography must actually be used in the text your essay to make your points, and they must be cited with correct style in the text as well as in the “Bibliography” or “Works Cited” section. And, your citations must use genuine scholarly work from the library to make its points (using public websites or newspaper or magazine articles alone is not acceptable).

Please use Jstor for journal artciles all sources must come from here.

VERY IMPORTANT……Whatever topic you pick to write about, you are required to compare how at least two of the ethical theories ONLY 2 if you do three or more you will not be penalized but is must be a good argument to compare more than one if you choose to do so   Choose two or more of the following ethical theories to compare and contrast in your paper: utilitarianism, Kantianism (deontological theory), contractualism, ethics of care (feminist ethics), virtue ethics, recognition ethics, mutualist ethics.

Furthermore, you must give a citation for every single idea or piece of information that is not absolutely your own. If you use statistics in your discussion, for example, you must properly cite where you got the statistics from. It is not enough to just have a “Works Cited” section at the end of the paper, but in the place in your paper where you use an idea or a piece of information from another source, you must cite that source with proper style. I prefer “in-text” citations. If you are not sure how to do this, you must look it up whatever style guide you are using for your paper generally.  Professional style is very important and you have to focus on how to do it correctly, professionally. It is part of being a professional. And, it is actually very easy; you just have to put a tiny bit of effort into looking up the stuff and being consistent throughout your writing with how you use the professional standards of a professionally accepted style guide.

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