Comparative Religions

Comparative Religions

Field Trip Report

For this class you are required to visit a religious site not your own. This could be a synagogue, a Christian church, a mosque, or a temple. The purpose of this trip is to report on what you saw -normally a religious service—and how it compares to your own religious upbringing and/or current practice.

The report should give a description of the site and a detailed summary of the religious service. Describe what you observed. What were the material expressions of the service (statues, paintings, music, etc). Was there anything special going on that day (e.g., baptisms)? If there was a sermon, analyze it. In brief, make it “up close and personal.” Conclude with your personal reaction to this experience.

This paper should be at least three (3) pages in length (1050 words) with proper APA formatting. This includes proper documentation. This is a formal academic paper so pay careful attention to the basics of writing a good English composition. There is a grading rubric that covers all the basics in Doc Sharing.























In order to grade your assignments as accurately as possible, I am using a grading rubric which has been approved by the North Central Accrediting Agency and is widely used by English teachers on the secondary and college levels. For the purpose of simplicity, I have divided the grading into two categories, quantity and quality.


  1. Quantity: Did the student write 3 pp. of text (approx.1050 words) as required by the assignment, with proper APA documentation. APA documentation includes a Reference page and in-text citations. There should be at least 2 academic sources in the bibliography. Please note that a paper of this type is double-spaced, using an acceptable font.  New Times Roman preferred, font 12.


  1. Quality: a) Content and Organization. This category includes the basic content and organization of the paper. The paper should be focused and on target, where all content adds to the whole. The paper should include an inviting introduction, with a thesis statement, thoughtful transitions, controlled pacing, and a satisfactory conclusion. b) Sentence Fluency and Voice. This category takes into account the student’s active engagement with the topic. Papers should exhibit strong sentences, with interesting vocabulary. Papers at the highest level would be individual, personal, and compelling. The paper itself would invite expressive oral reading. c) Grammar Conventions. This category takes into account the basics of English composition: spelling, grammar, and paragraphing. Short paragraphs (under 5 sentences) tend to make a paper choppy and difficult to read. Papers at the highest grade level are ready to publish and demonstrate a mastery of all grammatical uses.


I will use the above chart to refer to your assignment. E.g.“2.b. While your paper is well-written, it is often mechanical. Sentences tend to be choppy and awkward. The essay is pleasant but not overly compelling.” Please email me with any concerns you have after the grading.


Please type your paper in an acceptable font.  APA recommends Times New Roman font 12.  All papers should be double-spaced with 1” margins.


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