Diplomacy Negotiation Point paper

Diplomacy Negotiation Point paper

You will assume the simulated leadership of a low level interagency working group and write a three-page (single spaced) negotiating point paper that will outline, in point paper (bullet) format the following:

o The facts surrounding a real world negotiating issue in which the US is involved with another international actor. Examples: US and UN on Law of Sea Treaty or the Trafficking in Weapons Agreement; US and North Korea or Iran on Nuclear Proliferation; US and Mexico on immigration; US and Canada on the Keystone XL pipeline, etc.

o The US policy o The US goals and objectives of negotiation, including areas of flexibility and any “redlines.”

o The counterpart policy, goals and objectives, including an assessment of where the counterpart may have areas of flexibility and their “redlines.”

o A proposed interagency proposal for negotiations including offers, incentives, sanctions, and redlines. The proposal will include the setting for the negotiations (bi- or multi-lateral, location)


Must include references

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