Topic: NMR metabolomics and hptlc analysis of panax ginseng

Topic: NMR metabolomics and hptlc analysis of panax ginseng
Please read the following instruction to avoid misunderstanding. I need a dissertation (Introduction) of 4 thousand words for the following topic: NMR Metabolomic and HPTLC evaluation of Panax ginseng. I have uploaded a file named “ Ginseng Intro” which contains text copied from the literature. Each text is under a headline (red). Each text comes with citation (blue). By the end of the document, I provided all references for all citation. As you read these text you will get an idea what kind of info the intro need and in what order. Kindly, USE these texts with all reference as assigned, paraphrase, add more info and references to it. I have collected around 30 references but I need 50 references for this introduction. Make sure the final intro cover all the below 9 points and the most of the information in the file uploaded. Please make the text coherent and easy to follow and to read. Please assign the right citation for the additional reference. I need 0 % plagiarism.
The introduction should covers the following things….
1-Brief Background on medicinal plants and TCM (2 -3 lines)
2- Description of (Ginseng , panax ginseng, ginseng family, distribution, cultivation, types(species) (red an white), medicinal uses, part use…)
3- Chemical content of Panax ginseng and main active compounds
4- pharmacology
5- Current market and uses , available dosage forms and regulatory status of panax ginseng.
6- Current issue (adulteration, substitution, efficacy, consumer safety..)
7- Analytical techniques for quality control of ginseng
8- Role of Metabolomics techniques including (NMR and PCA)
9- the aim of this study, objective its value among other studies
**underline need to be clear and carefully written.

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