Research proposal on the value of project management in businesses

Research proposal on the value of project management in businesses

            According to Turner (2010), the science of project management has been practiced for many years as far as history of the world dates back (P. 4). However, the concept did not have the current tag name project management. The name arose in the mid 50’s as a product of Scientific Management School of thoughts who were concerned on how they could optimize output by applying resources feasibly (Söderlund, 2011, P. 168). One notable institution that did apply the concept of project management was the US military in launching its missiles. Afterwards, almost all organizations chose to embrace the concept as it made sense in management their operations. Today, most businesses claim to apply the concept in prioritizing ventures, projects, resources and communication (Jeston & Nelis, 2014, P. 42).

Research Objectives

The research to be conducted will give special attention to how organizations today are applying the concept by making a summary of all the techniques they use. The research will also hope to give a direct delineation of how organizations are determining these techniques to fall under the confines of project management. Lastly, the study will also note why these organizations chose to embrace project management in their operations by noting whether it adds value.

Research Methodology

            The research project will adopt a descriptive research design and apply interviews schedules in collection of primary data, while the secondary data will comprise the books, journals, organizational newsletters and reports. Just as Krippendorff (2012) advises, content analysis will be used in analyzing data and the output will be presented in narrative form (P. 23).

Expected Outcome

            It is anticipated that the findings of this study will confirm that project management as profession has invaluable significance to the allocation of resources and the output and in an organization.


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