Garmin Management

Garmin Management

By extending those six parts
1-Human resource management
2-Strategic planner
3-Resource manager
4-Service manager
5-Quality assurance and quality control manager
6-Marketing manager


In order for operations run smoothly, there are several personnel that must be identified and developed to work towards the success of this project. Some of the personnel that necessitate this endeavor are:

  • Human resource management who will be in charge of recruiting, training and even motivating various workers. All of this will be done by creating models that will guide these aspects uniquely. For example, since it their duty to recruit the workforce, human resource manager will establish which applicants are to be employed and the level of skills they should possess. In case there is high level of competition between the applicants, the department will benchmark with the current trends in the market only to find the best cherry of employees. The human resource manager will also be keen in developing training that encourages the employees to attend and learn new aspects regarding their job roles. Part of the training will involve conducting brainstorming with other employees of the company to ensure all colleagues understand the skills that their counterparts possess. It will also be the duty of the human resource to institute new cultural aspects by consistently encouraging the workforce to be proactive to adjusting.
  • Strategic planner will help to develop strategies and benchmarks that project can target and achieve effectively. The manager will also develop response plans in case of incidences and recovery plans for the company when a serious incident occurs so that reliable services are maintained (Feeney &Willcocks 3). Strategic planner will also be the liaison officer who will embrace the role of a manager to identify all the aspects of the organizations such as the workforce, their abilities, their skills and the projects that should be preferred to accomplish the milestones of the organizations within specific timeframes. The managers’ role will involve calling upon the entire executive to develop specific projects that they see fit for a specific time period. Together with the compliance officer, the planner will be keen to ensuring the project was achieved feasibly by the organization through applying the right combination of resources.
  • Resource manager will be important in budgeting and allocation of the required resources to every section of the team thus ensuring that failures do not occur due to inadequate resources (Saxena 84). The role of a resource officer will be to support all the departments with necessary equipment to facilitate completion of set out goals. The resource manager will also offer advisory roles to various departments on how they could apply these resources feasibly by organizing trainings with the human resource to educate them on management of resources.
  • Service manager will ensure that all essential services are provided to the clients and the entire team. The manager will also ensure that incidences and problems are well managed and solved in the most appropriate ways. Service managers will also ensure a harmonious coexistence between the client and the organization by setting forth to establish the projects that these clients expect from the company, yet they were not offered to them as they expected. In this capacity, the service manager will be seeking to obtain feedback on how the organization can better its services. Nankervis et al (211) urges that Service manager should creatively fashion proposals to the various department such as the marketing department urging them to look into complaints and the issues that the clients are raising.

Quality assurance and quality control manager

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