Project Management Software-GamePlan

Project Management Software-GamePlan

Project Management is something you will do the rest of your life.  I have had you using GamePlan as one such tool.  This is one of many Project Management tools out there to be found.  Since this was developed by one of our Alumnus, we are helping him to test his software.  I would appreciate that you use the software, see what you think and give me an evaluation based on the questions I ask below.  You will be graded on your writing and presentation of your answers, not if you like the software or not.

Here is a link (URL) that will help you learn how to sign up and use GamePlan.

Any questions, please contact their support page.


Please answer these questions:

  1. What problems did you encounter in using GamePlan?
  2. Did you use the Help portion of GamePlan?  Was it useful?  If so, Why or Why not.
  3. Did you send a request to the company for help?  If so, was the answer helpful or not?
  4. Was this the first Project Management tool you have used?  If not, which Project Management software did you use before?  Your thoughts?
  5. Did you find Gameplan a useful tool?  Why or why not.  Any comments are appreciated.
  6. Why is Project Management software (no matter which software you use) important to organizations.

If you have any question please ask.

Sample paper

Project Management Software-GamePlan

  1. Question; what problems did you encounter in using GamePlan?


After signing up to the GamePlan platform, I was keen on looking for an outline that would offer directives on how the application works. Unfortunately, I did not find a brochure or an outline that shows a step to step way in which I could use the application. There was a tour on how I could use the application and it felt a bit weird clicking on this button. So I avoided it. Later on I had to look for the button and I was not able to find it. I also realized the only way I could learn to use this app was by watching video which begs the question whether all the people who will be using the app will have to watch the video to learn. The second problem that encountered with using the software was on how I could synchronize the application to my android device. I wondered whether there was a possibility that I could use the application on my phone to increase its convenience.

  1. Question; Did you use the Help portion of GamePlan?


I tried to use the help button, but I also realized there is a limit on the answers I could get. I noticed that if this were to be the case, then it means there are some aspects of using the application that I would not be able to know they exist unless I am told where they are and where I can find them. The second problem that I encountered was whether I could use my android phone. This problem was addressed with a response that the application is still being developed.

  1. Question: Did you send a request to the company for help?


I sent a problem noting that I could not find the home button as an anonymous person and the team was able to send the response although it was not satisfactory as they did not seem to know what I meant by the home button. I later learnt that the team does have a training page where people are taught on what they need to be done. The support also sent me a link to the documents that I could use to learn using the application.

  1. Question; Was this the first Project Management tool you have used?  If not, which Project Management software did you use before?


            Previously, I have used Microsoft project management software. However, I would not want to make a comparison but I would urge development team of the GamePlan to realize the essence of making a plan that has flexibility and is more oriented to explaining what the application can do to the customers. The contact section was one of the areas that would sell this application which explains why I would urge them to develop a way in which a person can just automatically download the contacts from the application which would make it a backup plan hence reducing the probability that they will lose the contacts since they can easily retrieve them automatically.

  1. Question; Did you find GamePlan a useful tool


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