The Concept of Sustainability in Businesses Today

The Concept of Sustainability in Businesses Today

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The Concept of Sustainability in Businesses Today

In the current world, the need for sustainability seems to be an issue of concern to organizations and the societies at large. For organizations, it means development of products that factor into the environmental concerns by applying resources feasibly to ensure a higher profitability. To the society, it means development of products that address their needs while assuring that such products will be available in the long run. One notable case of an organization that has adopted the concept of sustainability in almost all its operations is Adnams; a beer and spirit manufacturing company that has been in existence since 1872.

It main competitive pillar as Andy Wood; the chief executive manager of the company calls it, is the sustainable competitive advantage. Just as any other strategy that companies may adopt, competitive pillar allows Adnams to create its products by weighing the various methods that are available in the markets and choosing one that not only benefits the company, but it also allows other stakeholders involved to benefit. In this case, Adnam focuses on improving the efficient of its operations, while making it cheaper for hotels and homes to do away with their waste as further discussed below.

Adnam is keen to adopt various strategies in various departments or dockets. For example, In its financial capacity, Adnams is keen to embrace due diligence by applying financial methods such as the net present value and discounting methods all of which are precursor to ascertaining the viability of the projects and the financial position of the company. The second capacity that allows the company to institute the concept of sustainability is in its position to efficiently improve its distribution and manufacturing systems. One notable aspect as Andy notes is the distribution centre of the company being more than 50% cost effective on energy, while the walls of the centre are noted to be sequestered making it possible to absorb Carbon dioxide which is used for cooling purposes. In computation, Andy remarks that their center saves the company about one hundred thousand pounds a year which is a very significant cost.

In the manufacturing, the company has adopted a new state of art brewer machine which makes it possible to save on energy hence enhancing the manufacturing process. This new brewer machine is so efficient in the amount of water it uses that, by comparing it with other manufacturing processes, it uses only three pints for a single beer instead of  six or seven pints. Other areas that allow the company to save on the cost of operations and energy are generation of bio fuels through the use of food waste from hotels and houses that are near the plant and reduction of the total amount of materials that are used in making glass bottles by about 33% which directly impacts on packaging of the bottles in the lorries

In a nutshell, Andy notes that organization in their capacity to serve their market, need to showcase the spirit of concern to the society through the various processes that they apply in the manufacturing of their products. The concept of the green society has not only been urging organization to give back to the society, but it allows them to give the customers value for their money. Andy adds that the use of sustainability allows the customers to trust the products which means they will have an attractive brand proposition which leads to customer loyalty and product sale.

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