sociological imagination: Rethinking Relationship with the Environment

sociological imagination

Rethinking Relationship with the Environment

Blogs are for you to use your “sociological imagination” by applying something that we discussed in CLASS, covered in lectures, read in your textbook, or saw in a video to your everyday life.
The blog must be at least 300 words in length and respond specifically to some of the topics discussed in CLASS. You must have ONE SOURCE that is not your textbook, power point slides, or class notes.
Tell me:
add more information by including a new source
argumentwhether you thought the movies and clips were thought-provoking or just did not provide a strong enough
whether you agree or disagree with how a topic was respresented (make sure to tell me whey you feel they way you do)
how you feel about specific topics that were presented in CLASS


Rethinking Relationship with the Environment

Having watched the documentary the Blackfish, I am at a loss of deciding whether man is friendly with nature or whether he always to does those actions that will be pleasing only to his interests. The documentary shows how SeaWorld has been trying to domesticate Orcas to fit in to the life of man. These orcas are locked in at specific rooms and they are used for entertainment by performing shows. On notable occasions, despite them been referred to as docile and friendly, these orcas kill the trainers who are human beings and still they are allowed to perform and carry on to their roles.

I agree with the presentation of the video. In as far as we may try to domesticate these animals, they are wild creatures and they need to be in their niche. The documentary makes it clear that in as far as these animals bring a lot of revenue, they have been reason to death of so many trainers and performers and all that money cannot amount to their loss. The documentary also falls in line with the sociological concept of man and the environment that even if we may want to curve the environment to suit to our needs and our interests, still, there are limits on how human beings can do this. The contents of the movie raises a lot of thoughts on whether man has the right at all to take these animals from their natural environment and lock them up in tiny spaces just as it has been shown in the documentary. Blackfish also begs the question, has man gone too far with trying to make the environment around him suit to his life?

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