The Rise of Abraham Lincoln

The Rise of Abraham Lincoln

Nobody would foresee the rise of Abraham Lincoln from his humble beginning in Hardin County, Kentucky to becoming the 16th president of the United States. The hardships in his childhood contributed immensely to his decision to engage in politics and strongly condemn slavery. This essay will note Abraham’s journey to becoming the United States president noting some of the ideologies that motivated him.

While still young, Abraham’s parents encouraged him to read although they were both illiterate. Books were rare then and his neighbors could recount Abraham walking very far to borrow books. As part of his reading culture Abraham was intrigued by the writings in the bible, and this cultivate his strong desire to read and become a Christian.

Later on in his youth, Abraham taught himself law and legislature and this helped him gain a better understanding of the need for equal rights of all Americans, thereby providing a basis for the fight to end slavery. In 1854, the passing of the Kansas-Nebraska Act allowed individual states to either abolish or carry on with slavery, reinforcing Abraham’s stand on slavery towards a moral inclination.

After his narrow victory election into presidency, Abraham would face a civil war as result of the rebellion for the push of the reunification of the nation. Subsequent victories would compel Abraham to reshape the war from union to abolishing slavery. This is what gave rise to the Emancipation Proclamation on 1 January 1963 allowing all the slaves to be free. April 14th 1965, a sympathizer of the Confederates, who were against the quick reunification, would assassinate Lincoln.

Abraham’s life and especially his leadership portray a humane and visionary icon who had the interests of people at heart. His life and journey shows a character of relentless that is expected of the leaders while they are carrying out their roles.

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