Group Dynamics

Group Dynamics

Please write an essay 150-200 words as an answer to the below two questions:

Question 1) What would have a greater impact on the dynamics of a group, the additions of one person to a triad or the addition of one person to a ten member group? Why do you think so?
Question 2) Taking into account the question you just answered; Does it matter what kind of group is involved? In what way?

Please use simple words, no format or sources is needed. Thanks,

I believe an addition of one group member to a triad would have a lot of impact to the dynamics of the group considering there will be a high level of association, relationship interaction, and a higher level of connection. A triad in comparison to a group of ten people can have a stronger bond between the members due to the higher level of interactions and the high level of associations. The type of group might also be a factor to be considered whenever an individual is deciding on the level of impact and a new member can have on the dynamics of a group. For example, in the case of intimacy groups such as the family, the participation of an individual might not be limited since the group members are aware of one another and they have a single bond. However, for groups that have several bonds or in case of emergent groups, a new member might shy away in contributing to group dynamics unless they are aware they are fully accommodated by the members. In which case, this would factor into number of members in the group or time in order to gain trust.

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