2016 UK budget

In the March 2016 UK budget much was made of enhancing the supposed Northern Powerhouse, with government reference made to upgrading the trans-pennine routes, included the M62 and the possibility of constructing a tunnel from Manchester to Sheffield to provide an improved infrastructure for the region.

In South Wales the £1.2 billion Cardiff City consortium of ten local authorities proposed extensive new transport links and initiatives to support the creation of up to 25,000 new jobs.  The Severn Bridge toll was also cut by 50% to encourage additional links between South Wales and England.

These capital projects left North Wales somewhat in the wilderness, with suggestions that transport links should be developed from Dublin – including an audacious suggestion to link Dublin to Holyhead by tunnel to support a Northern Powerhouse vision which extends from Dublin in the west to Hull in the East.

You have been appointed as Director of Strategic Development for a consortium tasked with submitting a strategic action plan to identify objectives and provide a directive to support the achievement of the proposed objectives.  The action plan should include a rationale and justification.

 Assignment brief:

  1. Apply relevant elements of the strategic roundabouts framework to identify the core challenges faced by stakeholders aspiring to develop a Dublin to Hull powerhouse strategy for the UK with the ultimate aim of providing a competitive advantage for a diverse geographic, economic and social section of the UK whilst adhering to increased emphasis environmental issues create.
  1. Provide a critical judgement of whether or not the development should receive government support by identifying ways in which future economic uncertainty would be addressed by the powerhouse strategy.
  1. Evidence of academic reading together with full and correct Harvard referencing is expected at level 6. It should be noted that an absence of theory limits the mark achieved to a maximum of 40.
  1. Professional business presentation with a clear structure throughout.

Note:  Strict adherence to the overall word count is strongly recommended.  Appendices are not expected in an assignment of this nature, where a table, figure or diagram is used to illustrate and support the contents, this should be inserted at the appropriate place within the assignment.

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