Application for a Scholarship

Application for a Scholarship

Ever since I was young, I have always had a zeal to have a cut above the rest in everything that I do. Born in 1991 in Tehran, a region marred with myriad of social injustices, my desire to make the world better using information technology has almost been quashed by innumerable challenges. I was barely a year old, when my father was killed by Jalaleddin Farsi following a trespassing argument. Our course to get justice for our father left as emotionally deprived and financially staggering. Mr. Farsi, my father’s killer, was charged with my father’s death in 1992, but given that he was a guerrilla fighter in Lebanon against the Israelites, he was holding a high ranking position, which he used to evade justice.

The painful death of my father totally charged our plight where it took the assistance from our neighbors to help us put food on the table. However, his death ignited a new zest in me to be the best in my academics in hope that one day I will help to disseminate and empower our people to live peacefully and overcome poverty. As a result I have commanded excellent academic performance from my junior classes. In high I was in the dean list of academic honor following my sustained high GPA. At only 16, I had discovered two mathematical theorems that are named in my honor. The theorems were issued and published in 2008 touching on the design of an optimal fractal space in a pyramid and in a square.

Upon the discovery of the theorems, I was selected as second best out of over 50,000 students who competed in a Khwarizmi International Award state wide mathematics competition, which awards outstanding achievements in inventions and innovations in the technology related fields. I am a young inventor in the areas of such areas architectural structures and educational assistance fractals. Some of my inventions have official document after my name. Following my great inventions, I have had interview with many international televisions, magazines and newspapers. My academic performance is impeccable, where my last semester I had a GPA of 4. On addition to sound academic performance, I have written two books in Farsi and I am conversant in Persian, English and Italian languages.

I am a swimmer trained under one of the most famous Iranian Olympic swimmer. I am a member of youth water polo team in Tehran. Following my swimming skills and exceptional abilities, I got a US Navy full scholarship few years ago. Two years ago, I had an internship at CISCO where I published some articles on math magazines……………..

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