Professional practices in finance Assessment Instructions for Students

Professional practices in finance – Assessment Instructions for Students 

The purpose of this assessment task is to demonstrate your competence in professional practices in the financial services industry.

The following questions and case study will cover mandatory requirements such as

  • Environmentally sustainable work practices
  • Triple bottom line principles
  • Work effectively in a team
  • Time management
  • Developing and maintaining personal competency

The modules that you have submitted previously will be used as evidence for the mandatory requirements relating to:

  • Responsibilities of the Financial Services Industry
  • Applying Financial Services industry guidelines, procedures and legislation
  • Managing information.


  1. Complete Parts A, B, C and D
  2. Ask your Supervisor to complete and sign Part E
  3. Upload and send your completed assessment task through to Webclass.

Assessment Task Part A – Sustainability and Team Work

Q1. Case Study 1

Review the following case study and answer the following questions

 Janice works for Choose Us Cash Solutions.   The company has been investigating ways of introducing practices and procedures that would help reduce wastage and improve their environmental sustainability practices.. 

The company has 3 goals based on “triple bottom line” management practices:

1.   To cut their operating expenses, and

2.   Reduce the impact on the environment. and

3.   Be able to market themselves as environmentally conscious. 

Janice has been asked to help come up with some new ideas. 

There are 5 people working in her team, so Janice thought it would be a good idea to get everyone together for a brainstorming session. They came up with the following thoughts:

  • have a separate printer tray that has paper suitable for use for drafts or documents for internal use only
  • save incorrectly printed documents and old reports, and use them to reprint drafts onto the back
  • have a recycling bin in the lunchroom
  • use recycled printer cartridges
  • have a switch or timer on the air-conditioning so it only comes on during business hours only
  • buy recycled or non-bleached toilet paper
  • don’t use washing up liquid / dish washer pellets that has phosphorates in them
  • use lower wattage light bulbs; or move to energy efficient ones
  • car pool to work
  • look at the government Energy Star and Energy Rating systems when buying electrical goods 

Q1.  Janice has also worked out how much each team member can reduce their paper usage if they implement the paper recycling ideas.  She has documented this in an excel spreadsheet below.

Q1 A. Calculate the optimum number of reams of paper that can be reduced per week.

Team Member Expected Reduction Current Usage Reams saved
Janice 10% 5 0.5
Gerald 20% 5 1
Louise 10% 5 0.5
Kendra 10% 5 0.5
Raj 20% 5 1
Total   3.5

Q1 B. Assuming that a ream of paper costs $2.50,…………………………….

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