Mental Health Inequalities in Tower of Hamlet and New Ham

Mental Health Inequalities in Tower of Hamlet and New Ham;
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Mental Health Inequalities in Tower of Hamlet and New Ham


Even before the modern epidemiology was born, inner cities were recognized to have specific challenges to both individual and public health. The contemporary inner cities are characterized by overcrowding and extreme poverty which is juxtaposed with areas that have considerable affluence. Majority of the population in the world reside in the cities that have predominant inequalities in employment opportunities, education, safe and affordable housing and nutritious food availability (Baggaley, Ali and Taylor 2012, Pg. 63). Health inequalities are begot by these social inequalities especially the mental health. This study looks at the inequalities that characterize mental health care in Tower of Hamlet and New Ham. Mental health refers to the state of psychological and emotion stability where a person can use his/her emotional and cognitive capabilities, function well in the society and meet the daily ordinary life demands. In Tower of Hamlet and New Ham, various researches have revealed a gap between the state of mental health care amongst the rich and the poor.

This study shall revisit mental health inequalities by reviewing the functions of MIND organization. MIND organization was established in the year 1946. MIND functions as a mental health charity organization with operations in England and Wales. The main function of Mind is to offer advice to people with mental problems, as well as lobbying for support to the people with mental challenges from both the community, local authorities and the government (Harding et el, 2011 Pg., 231-241). The organization was formerly known as NAMH (The National Association for Mental Health). Currently, there more than 180 local affiliates of Mind organization. These affiliates offer different types of services that include floating support schemes, supported housing, supporting self-help groups and offer care homes. All, the affiliates of Mind are unique, but they are united by the same ethical guidelines and shared ethics (Hatch, et el 2011, Pg. 96).

Background to Tower of Hamlet and New Ham

Mind Charity Organization has operations in New ham and Tower and Hamlets boroughs of Tower of Hamlet and New Ham. Tower of Hamlet and New Ham is often used to refer to the north -eastern area of the United Kingdom’s city of London. The area covers the London boroughs of Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham, Hackney, tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Newham, and Havering. The region is under the governance of London areas council of each borough stated. The overall region authority in the area is greater London authority (Silveira et el 2008, Pg. 801-812). The tower of Hamlet borough covers much of the traditional area of East End. The area covers Docklands areas which are much developed.

The year 2011 census shows that area has a population of 254000 people. Tower of Hamlet borough has a high percentage of Bangladeshis ethnic community, which is one of the minority population in the whole city of London. The year 2011 census revealed that the………

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