Coastal Erosion


Coastal Erosion

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The changes in the shorelines that are induced by the accretion and erosion are natural phenomena (excluding the human activities) that occur over a time scale range (King and King 72). In many cases, they occur as a response to short-term incidents such as normal wave actions, storms, winds and tides or they occur in reaction to long-term incidents such as human activities, orogenic or glaciation cycles and tectonic activities. Coastal erosion plays the major role in affecting changes in the shoreline. Regardless of the cause of coastal erosion, it has great effects human existence. By definition, coastal erosion is the removals of dune sediments or beach and wearing away of the land due to the tidal currents, wave actions and current or drainage (Pranzini and Williams 255-289). Coastal erosion has affected human movement and living in significant ways in many coastal areas around the world. Some of the effects have affected humanity positively while other has affected negatively on the humanity.

Over the years, people have inhabited the coastline. Many commercial activities such as trade, importation, exportation, and hotel’s business do well at the coast. Coastal erosion has affected business and living in the coast in many areas around the world. Sinking of the houses that are built at the coastal cliffs is one effect of coastal erosion. As the water waves and winds continue to hit the cliffs, they wear it out eventually causing the collapse of the buildings that are built at the top of the cliff. In the year 1997-1998, the houses built at the cliff in the Pacifica California were lost to coastal erosion. Seven houses were knock……………………

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