Whole Foods Market Inc. CSR

Whole Foods Market Inc. CSR

Project description
should visit the website of its assigned company and, in a written report, describe the CSR values, objectives, and activities as reported by the company for 2012 (should be in the 2013 CSR report) and answer this question: Who are the stakeholders of the company and how do the company’s CSR objectives and activities address the stakeholders’ concerns? Please be accurate and professional.

sample answer

Whole Foods Markets Inc.is an American based food chain Supermarket with branches in UK, Canada and USA. Headquarter of the company is in Austin Texas. The company is a publicly traded and is listed in the New York stock market. Whole Foods Markets Inc. operates with a mission of creating value to all the stakeholders. The values of the company include selling quality organic and natural products, delighting customers, support the global and local community, practice stewardship of the environment and promote health of the stakeholders. The ensuing segment reviews the company’s Corporates social responsibility in the year 2012 (Martinez & Kaufman, 2013).

Whole Foods Markets Inc. Corporate Social Responsibility

Whole Foods Markets Inc. is a company that seeks to be responsible in the community where it does the business. The aim of CSR of the company is to offer high quality products, which are ethically sourced, give transparent report to the customers, reduce environmental impact and participate in the development of the local community actively. In each store of the company sets a certain portion of its profit to give back to the community in order to foster goodwill and reaffirm its profile in the community. The goal of the Whole Foods Markets Inc. CSR is to ensure that each year the company contributes at least 5% of its profitability to the non-profit organizations, which enhance community welfare (Whole Foods Market Inc., 20131).

In the year 2012, Whole Foods Market engaged in many activities that were intended to improve the welfare of the community. The company conducted educational programmes to the customers on improving health. Every store of the company offered healthy eating classes, books and answered customers’ questions regarding health living. The objective of this venture is to become one of the solutions in the community’s health crisis. The company partnered in the whole planet foundation.  The foundation has the objective of improving living standards of the community by offering microcredits. Whole food market is the main sponsor in the foundation. The foundation offers credit to the poor without asking for collateral, which helps them to improve their living standards. The Whole Food Market Company covered all the operating costs of this foundation in the year 2012 (Whole Foods Market Inc., 20131). The loans issued were used in the home based small businesses that include agriculture, tailoring, furniture making and bakery and homemade making.

In the same year, the company partnered in the ‘whole kids foundation’. This is an initiative, which aims at improving the nutrition of the children through family inspirational………………


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