Organizational Plan Outline

Organizational Plan Outline


Utilize provided Feasibility powerpoint to Complete your executive summary using information you have acquired from Activity 2. (powerpoint provided) Additionally, you will include your organizational plan outline. Your document will have blank sections at this point. The main purpose of this activity is to begin formulating your general outline of the venture business plan.

The skeleton components of your venture business plan will have sections (similar to these):

Executive Summary
Organizational Plan
Marketing Plan
Financial Plan
Supporting Documentation
Length: 5 (Plan skeleton may not achieve app. 350 words per page)

This is what was submitted concerning the business venture. Need summary to coincide with this idea…

My business venture will include new applications for handheld smart devices. The business will be lending expertise to other companies in developing and creating the Apps, code and script writing for the external customers and consultation and design for the external customers. The Apps shall be sold through the “App Store” which is accessible by devices to include iphones, ipads, and any other handheld device capable of downloading from App stores. The company itself will act as a consultant firm for different Smartphone Apps is a new market that is at the exponential growth point. The large number of the smartphone users and high number of those charging into smartphone using acts as a great potential for this market. In order to differentiate our Apps from other Apps, the business shall concentrate on making Apps that target specific need in the society to include social site Apps for Facebook, Twitter, What’s App, and other communicating Apps. The goal will be to encourage innovation among the youths and buy the best entertainment or special Apps innovation.

sample answer

The aim of venturing in this business shall be to tap on the ever-growing market in the world. The business will be dealing with developing new hand held smart phone Apps, Apps, code and script. The company will be designing the Apps and selling them directly to the customers as well as outsourcing expertise to other companies in developing Apps. The outsourcing business is expected to be the mainstream of the business. This is because many companies that have online sites do not have enough expertise of making Apps out of these sites. The in-developed Apps will be sold on the ‘Apps Store’ where the customers will be able to download into their smart phones and other gadgets. The ‘Apps Store’ is accessible to any person who has iPhone, iPad, and any other handheld device capable of downloading from App stores.

The current market trend is shifting from the computers usage into the use of more reduced gadgets. A high number of the people are currently using the smart phone and while a big number is switching to the smartphones. This creates a much-expanded market. Companies Apps will target a specific need that is in the society. The needs that shall be targeted mainly are the socialization need. The company shall develop advanced Apps and sell them to companies like Facebook, Twitter and what’s App. This shall serve as the company’s differentiation method. In order to enhance innovation in the company, the company shall come up with various programmes for encouraging youths to be more………….

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