Australia Economic Analysis

Australia Economic Analysis

Subject name: economics for today fourth Asia Pacific Edition
Author: (Allan Layton-Tim Robinson-Irvin B Tucker)

I need a personal learning journal 550-600 words
Personal learning journal based on the 3 topics below which are from the subject book above and based on the articles link below:
1-Inflation and unemployment
2-Simple model of the Macro economy
3-The Monetary and financial statement
This is the link to be used

The first page instrucions:
4 columns table should do:
Column 1: reference the sources they are using in their journal, starting with the article and text book and ensure it is in TAFE Harvard style format
Column 2: summarise the article – may be in bullet points or note form relevant for student to refer to
Column 3: list the concepts from the text book that they think they can identify and place an in text citation next to each concept from the text book – this should be brainstormed in the tutorial
Column 4: explain with more details how each of the concepts relate, using graphs.
(Column 4 is the important column)
Note: Students may come up with their own examples to demonstrate understanding of the concepts or use scenarios suggested in the article.
This exercise is relevent to developing the students’ ability to make links between the theoretical concepts and real life scenarios as per graduate attribute 1 – reflective practice
Attribute 1: Reflect on economic theory and relate concepts to actual economic events
The second page instruction

You are to pretend that a client is in front of them and the client has asked how things are going in the economy and how this will impact on their business.
Refer to the RBA Statement of Monetary Policy Overview for February, 2014 as a basis and to the last 2-3 Monetary Policy Decisions by Glenn Stevens. You can use other references if they like but these would provide the best source of information.
This is the link to be used:

You need to indicate:
– Where they think we are in the business cycle
– How this might impact on revenue and expenses of the business going forward
Better students will make up a company that is in a particular industry and highlight the impact on the firm’s revenue with consideration for the type of market structure it is operating within (price elasticity of the products etc). Includes examples and graphs
12pt times roman or arial, 1.5 line spacing, 3cm left margin
References: should be only (TAFE Harvard Referencing style)
Make sure References in text with a page number example: p.56 (not 230-250)

sample answer

Reference Article Summary Concepts From books Relation of Concepts
Reserve Bank of Australia (2014). Statement on monetary policy. Available from: [Accessed on 17th May 2014] ·The economic growth of Australian Partners has moderated in the first quarter of 2014

·In Austria economy stabilised in the 2014 first quarter owing to low inflation, stable financial market, Appreciation of Australian dollar by 4%, slow wages growth and decline in unemployment rate

·The uncertainty remain in decline in mining investment and increase in no mining activities

·Inflation and unemployment

·monetary policy

·economic performance

·financial risk


·Commodity Price

·Currency performance


The unemployment rate is inversely related to Unemployment as show below:




Reserve Bank of Australia (2014). Statement by Glenn Stevens, Governor: Monetary Policy Decision. Media Releases – 2014. Available from:[Accessed on 17th May 2014] As per may 2014:

·Cash rate remain unchanged at 2.5%

·Financial market are accommodative

·Australian economy grew below that of 2013

·Unemployment rate increased

·Monetary policy accommodative

·Monetary policy


·Economic performance

·Bond market yield


The monetary policy affects the yield as show below by the yield curve:

High yield result from  expansionally monetary policy and vice versa



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