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i will upload the case please answer all questions at the end of the case (the 6 questions) and use simple word as much as you can.

sample answer would have started by having clear details about the business. The company would have first formulated its mission, vision, corporate values, objectives, business strategy, and risk management techniques.  The company should have designed its management and organization structure, and how it will build core organizational competencies. In order to evaluate the business merit the company should have developed splendid operational plan, carry out in-depth industrial analysis, have a clear presentation of the revenue generators and the define the products to be sold and that of the competitors. A market entry and the sustenance strategy should have been developed indicating how the business expects to remain competitive and productive.  The most important milestone in evaluating the business would have been construction of Company’s financial projections which include project source of financing,  pro forma financial statements and key indicators of business performance (Holton & Bates, 2009).

Question Two has gone through various development stages. The first stage was seeding stage. This was when Jeffrey Bezos developed an idea of starting an online bookstore and resigned his former position as Vice President of D. E. Shaw & Co, to develop his idea and initiated effort to develop the business infrastructure and other operational requirements between July 1994 and July 1995. The next stage was start up stage. The stage was started by the opening of business on July 1995 before ushering in the growth stage. The……………….

Holton, L. & Bates, J. (2009). Business valuation for dummies. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Pub.

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