Corporate Information Strategy and Management

Corporate Information Strategy and Management

Describe Section and  Exhibit 53 and their relationship to CPIC

  1. Likewise, describe the purpose of Section and Exhibit 300 and their relationship to CPIC
  2. What federal government agency oversees the CPIC operation?
  3. What is the relationship between the Clinger-Cohen Act and Section 53 and 300?
  4. What is FISA and its relationship ship to IT governance? 

    Sample ans

    Describe Section and Exhibit 53 and their relationship to CPIC

    Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) is defined by OMB Circular A-11 as decision making process aimed at making sure that IT investments integrate budgeting, procurement, strategic planning, and the IT management in sustaining business needs and agency missions as they are required by all the existing stakeholders. All federal agencies report their investment portfolio yearly to OMB (Office of Management and Budget) through an Exhibit 53 which presents budget estimates for every IT investments by HHS while identifying the major investments. In order to achieve this, both Section and Exhibit 53 guidelines are used as structures for collecting this information to complete the whole process.

    Likewise, describe the purpose of Section and Exhibit 300 and their relationship to CPIC

    These instructions reinforce and harmonize OMB’s guidance on developing Business Case Summary, Capital Asset Plan, as well as the Exhibit 300, in financially supporting major IT investments as enclosed in Circular A-11 of OMB, Section 300. Additionally, these instructions further address the additional questions by the Department to Exhibit 300 aimed at meeting Commerce IT planning standards, which include producing the Exhibit 53 IT Portfolio Report. Thus, Exhibit 300 is a comprehensive summary of the budgeting, acquisition, planning, and management of Federal assets. It helps attain reporting standards for major IT investments. Additionally, in the case of proposed or on-going IT investments, this information helps the operating unit, CITRB – Capital Investment Technology Review Board, as well as OMB to establish whether an investment financial support should be recommended or sustained.

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