3.1 Research Philosophy

A research philosophy indicates the belief, which informs the manner in which data regarding a certain phenomenon would be collected, analyzed and used (Hockney, Harper & Freed, 2005). Its essence is to guide research direction (Pring, 2014). This research uses interpretivism philosophy, which is mainly used alongside qualitative data. The philosophy contends that it is possible to comprehend the reality fully through subjective interpretation.

  1. 2 Research Approach

Research philosophical background determines its approach. The research will use descriptive methodology. Primarily the description will be carried out using the deductive method although some inductive concepts will be applied (Vito, Kunselman & Tewksbury,2008). Interpretivism philosophy is usually associated with both inductive and deductive approach. An inductive method starts with the observation of a phenomenon, which leads to the development of a theory. On the other hand, a deductive method starts with a more general reasoning to more specific, the research begin by formulating a theory about a given topic before narrowing down to a more specific hypothesis that can be tested. This is followed by collecting observations that address the hypothesis before finally testing the hypothesis with specific data. The figure below illustrates the deductive research method (Zikmund, 2013).

Diagram 1: Flow of the deductive approach (Research Methodology´s Website, ND)

Some of the theories that will be investigated in this research are:

Cultural Theory: Analysis of cultural challenges faced by multicultural teams.

Communication Theory: Investigation of better ways to communicate with multicultural teams.

Team Management Theory: Evaluation of how to effectively manage teams with different nationalities.

In order to give the response to these research problems, a diagram illustrating the diverse situations of multicultural teams could be drawn. The situations will be investigated separately, and one will be connected to another. The use of diagrams will help in the conceptualization of the research design as recommended by Kumar (2005).

3.3 Research Design

This research uses positivist epist…………………..

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