Reflection Paper

How do we write a reflection paper?

Suppose you have been given this information

NO Reference page nor Entry Page. Simply fallow the instructions below. Reference book is Santrock, J. W. (2013). Children (12th ed). Thank you.


Reflection papers: You will be required to submit reflection papers periodically throughout the course of the semester. These reflections are not to summarize the course content, but rather to demonstrate your understanding of, and reaction to, the material discussed and activities conducted in the previous class. (Please indicate on your paper the date of the class which is the subject of your reflections.) Reflection papers should be written in a personal style and should be approximately one page in length (give or take a couple of lines), typewritten using a 12-point font, and double spaced. Reflection papers must be submitted to Blackboard before the beginning of class. Late papers will not be accepted.  If you have to miss class on the date a reflection paper is due, you may e-mail the reflection paper to me prior to the class (see policy stated below relative to e-mail submissions).


Refrence : Santrock, J. W. (2013). Children (12th ed).

How do we write a Learning Journal?

Do you know how to write a learning Journal? or are asking yourself how is a learning Journal written?

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Topics: Cognitive Development in middle to late childhood chp12, Socioemotional development in middle to late childhood Chp13.

First of Remember to write the learning journal in the format of reflective writing. In this way you will be focusing on your personal responses, reactions and reflections to new ideas or new ways of thinking about a subject that you have been introduced through:

Various platforms such as Seminars, interactions or any other experiences that you may have been in such as watching movies

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