Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

Question One

In the speech, Greenspan is being realistic concerning the likelihood of business ethics. His argument that some people “cut corners” as well as “manipulate business associates”, in order to gain material wealth is sound. However, honesty and integrity in business dealings builds good relation between the organization and other stakeholders. Integrity and honesty creates good reputation for the company, which is recognized as goodwill and is reflected on the organizations’ balance sheet as an asset. This means that ethics adds value to business (Federal Reserve Board, 1999).

Question Two

Ivan concludes his life “was not the real thing” because his entire life was spent trying to improve his career life and social status. He just cared about himself. After marrying Ivan distanced himself from the family, and adopts a formal attitude toward everybody at home amid being fully occupied with career progression desires.

Tolstoy indicates that attraction to materialism denies a person a chance of living a full life. Ivan is attracted to materialism to an extent that he substitutes healthy family life with career life in search for high pay, and he realizes his form of life was plastic when dying.

Question Three

Google’s Code of Conduct is very elaborate and an indication of a company that enshrines respects for others and observance of the law.

Google Company has such kinds of codes of conducts in order to serve its clients well, create internal harmony, run ethical business and prevent friction with regulatory agencies and other outside and inside parties.

Code number 2 of the company advocates for respect for one another. This code  calls for Google staffs to express respect for one another through, maintaining safe workplace, avoiding alcohol and drugs, creating equal opportunity, avoiding harassment, and allowing pets to in place of work. I like this code especially on the aspect of avoiding drug abuse in the place of work but the company need to stress on the respect of seniors by subordinates.

Question Four

Terrence Des Pres considers the human moral sense as an evolutionary survival strategy because stresses the fact that survivors need one another and social being, care and dignity are maintained in a person to over……………………..

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