The Accessibility of PACS to Health Professionals and the Risks and Benefits This Has On Healthcare

The Accessibility of PACS to Health Professionals and the Risks and Benefits This Has On Healthcare

Background information

Advancement in ICT has catalyzed development in many sectors and medical sector in not an exempt. In essence, technology has enhanced sharing, managing, processing, storing, and improving medical reports and records. One of the health technologies that has transformed health care delivery model is PACS. This is a healthcare technology that was first introduced in 1982 for the short term and long-term management, retrieval, storage, presentation and distribution of medical image. This technology was made possible through the 1970s computer emission topography invention. The PACS computer network framework use high-speed medical imaging management for the images acquired by imaging modalities such as X-ray.

According to a research carried out by Heerden et al. (2011) PACS enhances safety in accessing medical images across a computer network. The study also found out that PACS facilitates manipulation of the medical images by the radiologists, through which a physician is able to get patient’s medical historical record. Strickland, Nicola (2000) asserted that PACS increase the quality of health care services and increases productivity.  The study carried out by Hains and Westbrook (2012) found out that PACS enhanced radiography reporting time making medical services delivery fast. On addition to this, Top (2012) revealed that PACS leads to the production of high quality medical images.

Given the instrumental role played by the PACS in facilitating sharing, storing, processing and presenting the medical image, the proposed study will endeavor to assesses the extent to which PACS is accessible to the health professionals. This study will also look at the risks and benefits attached to the accessibility of the PACS by the health professionals. The effectiveness of a technology is derived from not only its usefulness by also its accessibility to the end users. As revealed in various past studies indicated above, PACS is essential in the current medical setting, and ways to enhance its effectiveness will go a long way in ensuring that the intended benefits are obtained and risks reduced.

The gap/ issue/ opportunity being identified

Most past studies focus on the benefit………………….

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