ACCT 461 Week 8 Final Course Presentation

ACCT 461 Week 8 Final Course Presentation



In the ACCT461 senior project, students submit an extensive amount of written analytical work addressing six case studies carefully selected from the course textbook. The course Doc Sharing tab contains a document titled “ACCT461 Case Study Instructions” explaining the detailed requirements for these case studies. In addition to the six case studies, students must also separately complete and collaborate one graded oral presentation, listed in the course Syllabus as the Final Course Presentation, during Week 8. This document provides the instructions for the Final Course Presentation. However, if you have not already done so, please be sure to first review the “ACCT461 Case Study Instructions”, available in the files area, before subsequently reviewing these instructions for the final course presentation. The case study instructions will separately provide some important background to help you better understand the requirements of the Final Course Presentation instructions detailed in this document.


For the Week 8 Final Course Presentation, each student will collaboratively produce and orally deliver a PowerPoint presentation discussing one of the six case studies worked during the accounting senior project course. It’s the student’s choice as to which one of the six case studies to present for the Final Course Presentation. Students taking this course onsite will orally present their Final Course Presentation, using their own set of PowerPoint slides, in the classroom to the professor and classmates during the Week 8 class meeting. Students taking this course online will prepare their PowerPoint presentation by additionally implementing the audio narration feature built into PowerPoint. Further detail is explained below under Requirements.


Onsite course: onsite students will orally present a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation “live” in the classroom during class time in Week 8.

Online course: online students will record and submit a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation additionally implementing the audio narration feature built into PowerPoint. Detailed instructions for this process are available through the iConnect Presentation link under Course Home. The iConnect Presentation page includes links to more detailed instructions for creating and recording a PowerPoint presentation using audio narration.

For either the onsite or online course delivery mode, the PowerPoint presentation should include slides displaying the following topics pertaining to the selected case study:

  • Cover slide including the student’s name, the date, course number (ACCT461), and the case study title and number (e.g., Case Study 4-1)
  • Overview slide listing topics to be discussed
  • Concise synopsis of the case study’s fact pattern
  • Student’s assessment regarding the key questions, issues, and/or dilemma in the case study
  • Conclusions (including summary of answers and/or recommendations)
  • References (as needed)

Again, please note that this is a 10-minute presentation, so it’s highly advisable that you plan what you want to say, give some thought to how you want to say it, and carefully choose your words to achieve a succinct and impactful delivery, just as you would in a professional setting for a presentation to clients or senior staff in an organization.

Please remember that the PowerPoint presentation must be uploaded to the Week 8 Dropbox prior to the classroom presentation for onsite students or by Thursday evening, 11:59 p.m. MT of Week 8 for online students.

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