The Age of American Revolution

The age of revolution was experienced during the 18th century and basically involved revolts against the colonization antics. The first revolution was experienced in America which led to abolition of colonization and consequent union of the American states. This revolution was shortly followed by the French revolution add shortly later the Haiti revolution. The revolutions achieved much of their desired outcomes such as end of colonization and end of slavery in French colonies and Haiti. The three specific revolts are argued to have led to major outcomes in the Atlantic World[1]. This paper aims at establishing that movements aimed at securing independence and any act of state development during the Revolution Age was guided by the instance of the American, French as well as the Haitian revolutions.

The American Revolution brought about the termination of colonization in the continent and consequent independence to the state did not yield revolution of the social norms across North America such as ending slavery. Slavery prospered over the American Revolution despite organized revolts among the colonized people. The American Revolution however influenced and shaped the Haitian and the French revolts later to be experienced. These revolutions identified the gaps in the preceding revolution and used both political and social approach in revolting. The French Revolution for instance led to both social and political transformations in the country. Saint-Domingue which was the most important French’s colony experienced diverse transformation ranging from end of colonization and slavery to the emergence of new political structures. The successive revolt was more efficient and fast than its predecessors. The Haitian Revolution took less than two years and achieved great results such as explicit abolition of slavery and end of colonization…

[1] Thomas Benjamin, The Atlantic World: Europeans, Africans, and Indians and Their Shared History. 517.

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