Understanding Culture and Stereotypes

In what ways does the film or TV show challenge and/or reinforce cultural stereotypes? Are the images simplistic or complex, positive or negative? Further, does it critically interrogate structures of oppression or merely celebrate difference? You are expected to discuss how particular forms and aspects of racialized gender are represented on screen and what that says about larger sociocultural discourses of race and gender, as they
pertain to Asian American men and women.

Do not simply summarize what happens in the film or TV show; assume an audience is generally familiar with the plot. Do, however, provide adequate context to situate your arguments (no more than one paragraph). Analyze how the cultural text treats a particular course topic, focusing on specific aspects of the film or TV show and drawing on specific readings from the course. You are encouraged to read the film or TV show as you would a literary text by analyzing the characters, dialogue, and overall plot, and what they reveal about the production of Asian American men and women.

After watch movie “Joy Luck Club”, and then read attached readings.
Please write just two paragraph. I do not need a intro and conclusion.
So there must be only two paragraph.

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