American Community Survey Poverty and Education

American Community Survey Poverty and Education

This is Assignment Three. For this assignment, you will first need to open the Word document attached here. REMEMBER you have to do more than just enter the numbers. You must also write a narrative. While you may help one another, you must write this in your own words. All tables and narrative descriptions must be accurate, complete, and in your own words or you will not receive full value.

Here is a link to the data:

Enter S1501 in the field.

How To Analyze Education and Poverty Data from the Census Site:

American Community Survey Poverty and Education-1.docxbefore proceeding and/or ‘how’ to’ Word document HOW TO present data describing the relationship between education and poverty.docx

that will walk you through the steps for sucessfull completion of the table.

3. You have a Word document copy of the table as well.

4. Complete your Word document and , post the table below.

5. Then, answer the following questions below your table, and discuss with your classmates.

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