America’s Participation and Defeat in Vietnam War

At the onset of the America’s entry into the war, there was high anticipation of defeating the enemy. The U.S. entered into the war quietly through first offering economic support to the southern Vietnamese force NLF in fighting VC. The American army was unbeatable in the ground operations but this did not prevent the enemy from endearing the battle. Simply, the strategy used by America in the war did not keep up with the tactics employed by the Vietnamese guerilla forces. The chief limiting factor of the U.S. was lack of implicit reliance on counter insurgency hence limiting the options of its military force in the war. From this source military conflict may be viewed as a strategic approach used by two or more opposing parties while contending in a battle.

The pentagon papers show classified information regarding of the U.S. military involvement in the Vietnam War. The papers clearly show the actions of the U.S. administration and the military in the events of the war. From the pentagon papers, it is visible that the U.S. military force approach to the war was erroneous which led to massive loss of lives. From the pentagon papers, it is visible that U.S. mission was to counter China other than helping Vietnam in suppressing the communists. The inability of the American military to succeed in their operation was chiefly due to the strategy used in the war. Military conflict is demonstrated in pentagon papers emanate diverse political interests held by different nations (National Archives, 2014).

According to McAllister (2011, p. 106), American military lost in the Vietnam War due to reliance on public opinion and civilian leaders in the approach of the war. Direct involvement of civilian leaders was a major constraint to the events of the war. It also made it difficult for the military to use the counter insurgency strategy in fighting the guerillas. Westmoreland on the other hand did not wish to change the conventional strategy of the ground troops to the war which was aimed at searching and destroying the enemy. The U.S. administration as a democracy assumed that counter insurgency strategy should be used by South Vietnamese. The U.S. administration was reluctant to adapt a winning strategy for the war citing public opinion and involvement civilian leaders…”

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