Analyse Small Business Management Decision Making and Strategies

This Assessment Task will address the following Learning Outcomes:
Evaluate the skills required to manage the ongoing demands associated with small business proprietorship
Analyse small business management decision making and strategies for success
Assessment Description
Each student is to submit a 10-minute video presentation covering the following questions.

• What is the difference between an entrepreneur and a small business owner? Which one are you or do you think you are? Why?

• What skills are required to manage the on-going demands associated with running a small business? Which ones do you have? What are your skill gaps? What must you do to fill those gaps in order for you to have a successful business?

• What is your passion? Do you think you could turn that ‘passion’ into a successful small business? Why or why not?

• Research a small business owner or entrepreneur that you admire or aspire to be like. State why you chose this person. Analyse his/her business decisions throughout the small business journey and discuss what were some key strategies that led to his/her success.

For the slides:

• When you record your presentation, you also must turn on the video so you can be seen in the presentation.

• You are encouraged to be creative with your slide presentation. Try not to use too many words on the slide. Remember – “A picture says a thousand words”. Use appropriate pictures / photos that support your talk.

• You should not have more than 8 slides.

For example:

Slide 1:

Cover slide

Slide 2: Entrepreneur vs Small Business Owner

Slide 3: Skills

Slide 4: Skills

Slide 5: Passion / Business

Slide 6: Owner / Entrepreneur you admire.

Slide 7: Owner / Entrepreneur business journey / strategies

Slide 8: Final slide / closing

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