Analysis of job interview extract

Analysis of job interview extract..This will be done usingturn-taking and floor management (pauses, overlaps, turn assignment, etc.), sequential structure (e.g. adjacency pairs, preferred responses, etc.), and/or global structure (openings, closings, topi

Module: Language, Skills &Enterprise
Required contents:
1) Analysis of job interview extract;

Word limits: 1000 words for analysis of extract

Though job interviews form a distinctive activity type, the interaction that takes place
in them shares many features with everyday talk. Using the partial transcript of a job
interview below, explain where the job interview shares similarities with an
‘ordinary’ conversation and where it deviates from the types of mundane talk
introduced in this module. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT your answer should focus on matters of turn-taking and floor management (pauses,
overlaps, turn assignment, etc.), sequential structure (e.g. adjacency pairs, preferred
responses, etc.), and/or global structure (openings, closings, topic management,
Transcription conventions:
[aaa] overlapping talk
a:(::) elongated sound
(.) micropause
(N.N) timed pause (in seconds)
= latched utterance
– self-interruption
’ elided sound
? rising intonation
. falling (final) intonation
, continuing intonation
XXX name omitted for anonymisation purposes
((note)) transcriber’s note
I1 = Interviewer 1, I2 = Interviewer 2, C = Candidate
1 I1: hel[lo] very nice to meet you. (.) please have a se[at
2 C: [hi] [thanks
3 I1: (0.2) let me introduce myself and my colleague
4 C: ((nods))
5 I1: I am Clifford Bolton and I am the head of marketing and public relations here,=
6 C: =yes
7 I1: and this is Lydia Moston who is a colleague from the human resources
8 department.
9 C: hello
10 I2: hi
11 I1: (0.3) let me er explain the procedure that we will- will follow. (0.2) I will be
12 asking most of the questions um particularly abou::t how you feel you will fit in
13 here an’- an’ what you can offer us? (0.3) okay?
14 C: (.) yes fine
15 I1: before we get to that let me tell you a little more er about us=as a company and the
16 sort of work we’d- er you’d be doing if you er took up the post ((approx. 1 min.
17 monologue removed))
18 I1: um okay. well my first question is an obvious one. (0.2) why have you chosen to
19 apply for this post?
20 C: (0.2) mm well I have been working in PR for three- (.) er four years [now
21 I?: [mhmm22 C: I really enjoy the work? and this post offers the ch- the opportunity for me to carry
23 on developing and errm bring the skills I’ve sort of er (.) acquired over the last four
24 years to help the:: company develop.
25 (0.4)
26 C: [er-
27 I1: [so what skills’d you say you’ll bring to the company?
28 C: oh (0.2) well I’m used to working on large projects. (.) .hhh the most recent project
29 I was involved in was a er a million pound contract with XXXX which had really
30 tight deadlines.
31 I1: yep
32 C: I was the client company liaison so I was in charge of relaying decisions back to
33 the client and er er making sure- (.) ensuring that they were happy with the
34 direction we were taking the project in. (0.3) so I will bring those skills of- of
35 working to a deadline and being able to communicate effectively and negotiate
36 with clients.
37 I1: thank you. (0.7) .hhh so you’ve told us about a time when things have gone well
38 at work. (0.3) um tell us about a time when you’ve had to deal with a difficult
39 client.
40 (1.5)
41 C: erm how do you [mean?
42 I1: [well I just mean a situation where a client hasn’t been happy with
43 the work and you’ve [had to de]al with that.
44 C: [oh okay]
45 I1: have you ever?=
46 C: =There was one occasion when we held a contract with XXX ((20
47 minutes of talk between candidate and interviewers omitted))
48 I1: well (0.3) I believe that has covered everything I had er intended to::: (.) ummm (.)
49 Lydia?=
50 I2: =yes I think that’s fine=um is there anything you’d like to ask us?
51 C: um (1.0) no::? I think you’ve told me everything I need to know.
52 I1: (.) ok then (.) this has been an informative chat.
53 I2: yes
54 C: right
55 I1: yeah so we have a couple more candidates to interv[iew, (0.2)]
56 C: [of course]
57 I1: and so you’ll likely hear from us at some point tomorrow.
58 C: brilliant
59 I1: ok then ((stands and offers hand to shake))
60 C: (0.2) ((shakes hands with I1)) many thanks ((shakes hands with I2))
61 I2: g’bye
62 C: bye
63 I1: safe journey

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