Analysis of sustainability in practice

Analysis of sustainability in practice

1. Choose a company/organisation

2. Research its approach to sustainability – websites, media reports, inside information (e.g. interviews if you work at the company) what is it doing?
3. Assess and analyse � For example, compare against relevant GRI guidelines (if not already done by company); or compare against competitors; or assess against context e.g. size, life cycle, industry; or assess in terms of integration into strategy, measurability of performance.
What is good, what is not, why?
Sustainability has huge scope � better to focus on one aspect than try to cover it all

Examples � Westpac, BHP

Assessment task 2: Case Study (Individual) Analysis of sustainability in practice

Task: CSR report

For this assessment you are required to prepare an example of a CSR or sustainability assessment report for a selected organisation. A sustainability analysis and report should be completed to a maximum length of 1,500 words. It is preferable you select an organisation you know well or work in or can obtain some first hand or very recent data from. It need not be one noted for CSR or sustainability. Material can be sourced from interviews, or recent material from websites or material in the newspapers. Addresses subject objectives 3-6. Length: 1500 words Due: Thursday 6 October 2016

Further information: Suggestions for Sustainability Analysis and Report provided by sustainability managers at Fuji Xerox and IAG. Application of Global Reporting Initiative guidelines to a case study organisation and selection of indicators based on material sustainability issues facing organisations Assessment of different sustainability report assurance methodologies Review of Life Cycle Analysis method and assessment of design for the environment / extended producer responsibility schemes in the ICT sector. For example, what makes for a high quality sustainability/CSR report? How would you define materiality in the context of a sustainability report? Perhaps apply your definition to a specific company? What are the essential criteria for a successful CSR strategy? You may select any of these approaches, but you could not cover them all in your report due to the length limitations. The approach of your report is up to you, and originality is welcomed.

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