The application of the IS-LM model and the AD-AS model

Assuming that the UK does indeed leave the EU write an essay not exceeding 2500 words analyzing the possible macroeconomic effects of this decision. Your essay should include the following:

  • The application of the IS-LM model and the AD-AS model to analyze the possible effects of Brexit on the UK economy.
  • The application of the IS-LM model and the AD-AS model to explain a policy that could be used to stabilize the UK economy
  • At least four line diagrams, although equations may also be used. If you do not include diagrams in your essay, you will not receive a pass mark.


  • Some use of data to back up your analysis.


Assessment – Policy paper 1
Policy Analysis Paper 1

Using Bacchi’s (2009) ‘What’s the Problem Represented to be’ analysis provide a clear analysis of your chosen policy.

Use the following headings to provide a framework for your essay.
1. What is the problem?
2.What presuppositions or assumptions underlie the problem?
3. How has the representation come about?
4. What is left un-problematic in this problem representation?

Write in essay format.
Use the above headings to provide a framework and inform your answer
Write succinctly and clear using academic expression
There should be a minimum of 15 references in your assignment
Do not use dot points, or any other form of truncated expression
Do not attach or include in your assignment graphs or appendices

Assessment feedback
School of Social Work and Social Policy
Australian Policy Practice � Bacchi�s Analysis
Assignment 1: –
Key components of this assignment Comment by marker
What is the problem?

Describe how the representation came about

What is left unproblematic in this analysis?

Where are the silences?

Can the problem be thought about differently?

Essay structure including logical planning and sequencing, grammar and punctuation. Adequacy of documentation and referencing. The extent of reading and research and the use of social policy literature to support arguments
Summary comment

The Graduate qualities being assessed by this assignment are indicated by an X:
X GQ1: operate effectively with and upon a body of knowledge GQ5: are committed to ethical action and social responsibility
X GQ2: are prepared for lifelong learning X GQ6: communicate effectively
GQ3: are effective problem solvers X GQ7: demonstrate an international perspective
GQ4:can work both autonomously and collaboratively

These are the references

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