Argumentative Research Essay

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Throughout this course you will be developing your writing in stages–each stage will add to your skill set and will culminate in your Argumentative Research Essay. The final version will provide you with an opportunity to integrate all of the concepts covered in this class.

Your final project will be a persuasive research paper on a topic you will develop over the course of the term. The paper must be turned in to pass the course and should be written according to MLA format. It must use outside, academic research and include an MLA Works Cited page.

This research paper is:

  • A paper that makes an argument and includes a solid thesis that demonstrates that argument.  Its goal is to persuade, not simply to inform.
  • A paper that uses academic research to support this argument, but that contains your own analysis of this outside research to make the argument.

Sources: Your research paper must directly refer to at least five sources (in the paper’s text, not just on the references page). The required sources must not be Internet-only sources. Internet-only means information that is not published in an alternative format and is found ONLY on the Web. Articles you receive from library databases are not considered Internet-only; however, not all research is created equally. While a number of web sites may offer quality information, based on our guidelines, they cannot be used as the information is only available on the Internet.Dictionaries and encyclopedias may not be used as cited sources.

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