Article Review

Article Review

What have you learned, and how have you learned it? Make 1-to-1 connections between the specific things you have learned and the specific assignment, post, reading, interaction, thought, bull session, light bulb over the head experience, reflection, chat, etc., that caused that learning.

Article Review

Communication through use of text, books and article appears as the most notable aspect of today’s society. However, even as there are improvements in how people communicate the use of technology arises as a major ingredient of facilitating its growth through these three mediums. Interestingly, communication through the various forms, as noted above, follows specific guidelines that are essential to the overall product. Five articles that use different forms of communication to deliver this message fascinate me in how they raise this issue.

In the article Multimedia and Text, the writer addresses the essence of communication by noting in as far as the interests the writer may have are different, communication is vital. Thus, there is the need to establish the methodology that is most applicable to ensuring people retain information. The article proposes the use of software such as Office PowerPoint to enhance communication to the readers and to ensure they retain their information.

The second article is a review of Snowfall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek. It notes the importance of communication by focusing on the different ways that authors in the current world can choose to adapt in creating their articles. The writer notes that in as far as individuals may be concerned with using technology such as the use of multimedia and other software that enhance the reading experience, they should be concerned with making plots that are appealing to the readers such as it has been noted in the story Snowfall.

In an interesting twist, in Berry’s Nine Standards, the writer reviews Berry, a character who seems to have his reasons for failing to adopt computers. The ideology adopted by this article not only notes why it is essential to use the new trends, but also establishes that communication through the new technological innovation is on a higher level and would assist an individual to better the writing and the understanding experience. The writer delivers this message by showing how miserable Berry’s life is.

Communication may adopt different forms, however as Veronica Austen has been reviewed in the article A Text, writing begins with text and so is communication. However, as individuals advance in their life, it is essential to use the trends that they have in their environment to fit in with this form of communication since it allows the transfer of societal values with ease.

This same view has been supported by the last article as it reviews the forms of transformations that book have undergone in the society. The article explains that this transformation allows for better human experiences such as sharing. The article adds that coupled with the growing technology, these experiences will be better in the future.

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