Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

This assignment is to be done individually. Please post your submission to the appropriate drop-box on Blackboard. Late assignments will be penalized 10% a day.


You are to choose a topic that involves AI techniques that allow the computer to learn. You can either focus on a type of application and the AI techniques that would be useful, or concentrate on a technique and find relevant applications for it.


These techniques include Artificial Neural Nets, genetic algorithms, genetic programs, some categories of intelligent agents, robot learning, swarm intelligence, and many hybrid systems. Any technique is OK as long as the computer learns from its mistakes.


Once you have chosen your application/technique, you need to do research to discover how it actually works and the types of problems that the technique can solve. If practical, try to find and/or write a couple of sample programs, to illustrate the technique’s strengths and weaknesses. Your final report should also consider future applications for this technique.


Your completed report should be approximately 5 to 6 pages – include references. The report should be posted in pdf format to the appropriate dropbox on Blackboard by the due date.


Your report will be marked out of 15 using the following rubric:

10 – content and organization

2.5 – style – proper use of paragraphs and white space, spelling and grammar

2.5 – use of references

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