Atlas advertising Agency

Atlas advertising Agency

1-Complete two case studies of your choice, from the mini-cases IV, V, and VI
2-Describe the high-level architecture of typical ADSL network


Sample Paper

Local Area Network

The Atlas advertising agency will need to have Local Area Networks in its offices. A local Area network is a type of network installed in a single building or office. Depending on the need of the organization and the technology it has employed, a LAN can be as simple as a printer and two PCs in a single office. This type of network may need to be extended through the organization, which will include video and audio peripherals. The LAN network will enable the organization to share resources between workstations which include hardware, software application or data.LAN network can be used to link a workgroup of task-related PCs, for example it may be used to connect accounting PCs or nay other business workstations within the building or organization.

Metropolitan Area Network

Atlas advertising agency may also need to have a metropolitan area network (MAN) to allow communication between different buildings located within the city. MAN will be located between buildings that could need to share information within a single city. This type of network has a size that is between a WAN and a LAN. It normally covers a single city or town and is designed for clients who need a network with a high-speed connectivity, usually to the Internet, and whose endpoints are spread over part of city or a whole city. MAN can for example a telephone network that can be used to provide a high-speed DSL line to customers within the organization.

Wide Area Network

A wide Area Network offers a wide range transmission of data, audio, video or image information over a large geographical region that may include a country, continent or even the whole world. Since the advertising agency offices are located in different cities within a large geographical area, a WAN network could be useful for communication among the different cities.

Standard Protocols and Technologies

There are different network protocols and technologies that will be used in the network layers.

Network Layer– In this layer The TCP/IP supports the Internetworking Protocol (IP) that in turn also uses other different types of protocols such as ICMP, RARP and IGMP.The IP is an unreliable connectionless protocol that can be described as a best-effort delivery service

Transport Layer-The main protocols in this layer are the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and the TCP. The UDP is much simpler of the TCP/IP protocols. This type of protocol conducts a checksum error control, adding port addresses and length information from the upper layer.TCP on the other hand offers full transport services to applications. It is a connection-oriented and reliable transport protocol.

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