Australian organisation

Choose a real Australian organisation. The organisation may be in any industry, and it may be large or small. It may be in the public, private or not-for-profit sector. I chose Coles” Choose a management issue. You can choose any issue from Rynes et al. (2002), This one is my issue ” Teams with members from different functional areas are likely to reach better solutions to complex problems than teams from a single area.” references can be more or less than 3 l

I chose to agree with this issue. You’ve to find evidence to support my argument.

So this’s my presentation : You’ve to find one key point on agreeing to support this issue on cloes  but only choose one point to support your argument.  Please talk about diversity

Present an argument to the CEO as to whether the practice should be adopted or not. If you favour adoption, you may also provide advice about how the practice should be implemented. In either case, you need to make a definitive recommendation about what the organisation should do, not just provide an overview of the issues.

Ground your argument in strong evidence, specifically, peer-reviewed journal articles from the academic literature. You may include the references from the Rynes et al. (2002) article, but you are expected to include more recent literature that was published subsequent to this article. All references must be sourced from journals that appear in the Australian Business Deans’ Council list or from scholarly books and/or book chapters.


Your presentation should cite the research papers on the slide they are introduced. The final slide should have a list of references.

Other tips

It is recommended that you include at least 2 references, although more would support your argument.
As this assignment is related to evidence-based management, we expect you to engage with the academic literature. All references must come from journals that appear in the Australian Business Deans’ Council list, or from scholarly books or book chapters. The use of articles from Wikipedia and other web sources is not permitted.
It does not matter if your conclusion is the same or different from the answers to the Rynes et al. (2002) questionnaire. You will be assessed on the quality of your argument and supporting evidence.
Your presentation will be marked according to the following criteria:
Quality of Sources. The team draws on high-quality sources of information, including peer reviewed journal articles (from the ABDC list), as well as scholarly books and book chapters. The sources are appropriate for the management problem. Unreliable sources – such as personal websites and Wikipedia – are avoided.
Depth of Analysis. The team presents a cogent review of the evidence, drawing on research findings and theories. They are able to synthesise this information and present a definitive recommendation as to what should be done.
Implementation. The team presents a plan for implementing the recommendations that takes into account the particular context of the organisation, such as the demographics of its workforce. The solution they recommend is tailored, and not “one-size fits all”.
Organisation. The talk should have a clear structure, with each part of it outlined at the beginning. Each part of the talk should be part of a coherent whole. Each speaker has a clear role in the presentation. The transition between speakers is smooth. The talk does not run over the maximum time.
Quality of visual presentation. The visual aids support the speakers and their message. They reinforce (rather than distract from) what is being spoken. They should be logically organised. Each slide should be uncluttered, and not present the audience with too much information. The font size should be large enough for someone at the back of the room to see the presentation.
Academic standards. The extent to which you follow correct academic standards, including providing in-text citations (on the PowerPoint slides) and references at the end of the presentation.

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