Bauhaus’ Concept of Design

Bauhaus’ concept of design 

Design is a basic model or an idea which is usually developed for a specific purpose or function such as prototype or blue print for a certain end product. The design is the most basic form or an artistic product and ought to be visually alluring with its plain but clear message. Aesthetic value is of secondary importance in design as opposed to art. This is because design involves cause and effect while art entails expression. Insertion of additional elements in a design to achieve aesthetic value may lead to negative impression or outcome. This is because design should be plain, straightforward and simple to derive meaning thus additional effects may complicate the intended message or meaning (Anker, 2010).

Visual communication piece that exemplifies Bauhaus’ concept of design 


The above piece of art represent Bauhaus design concept. This is observed from the simplicity and sketchiness of the design represented by eerie lines as well as skeletal transparency in the art. The art comprises of delusive effects which are common in Bauhaus design. Additionally, the art piece depicts a combination of fine art and design where the artist used color and perspective lines to produce meaning. The art piece does not only exemplify aesthetic but is based on an architectural design which is commercially significant for mass production in generation of architectural designs (Klee, 1925).


The art piece above does not represent Bauhaus design concept. Though the basic design of the artwork is appealing, it seems not to combine design and craftsmanship like in Bauhaus art. The artist successfully integrates art and design through representation of highly abstract art coupled with stylistic design. This art fails to meet Bauhaus criteria due to lack of mass production element. The art may not have significant economic effect in the industry.

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