The Beginning of the Litigation Process

Research Design.Method Review Paper

Review on the Causal Comparison Research Design method.
Discuss When and where method it is appropriate to use the method.
Purpose for which the method is used.
Delineation of the epistemological orientations of the method.
The specific strengths of the method
The limitations of the methods
Specific cases when the method might be used solo or with other methods.
An example of a research problem/question for which the method might be applied

The Beginning of the Litigation Process

Draft a research paper that explores the procedural and legal implications involved at the beginning of the litigation process. There are 3 Major and 4 Minor issues that must be addressed:

3 Major Issues

1. Research and list all of the items that should be addressed.

A. How does a Legal Hold notice work?

B. When is it triggered?

C. Issuance

D. When, Where, How and to Whom are they issued

E. What are relevant laws that influence the Legal Hold notice process

2. The Meet and Confer Conference

A. Who, What, When, Where, How

B. Relevant Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

C. Topics for discussion at the conference

D. Advantages that can be gained by an attorney at the Conference

3.Request For Production of Documents (RFD)/ Request For Admission of Evidence (RFA)

A. Definitions

B. Relevant Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

C. Proportionality

D. Subpoenas

4 Minor Issues

1. The Role of the relevant people involved

(Attorneys, IT, Record Management, Employees, Experts, Consultants, Paralegals, Etc.)

2. Document Retention Policies

3. File Types

4. Existing Software/e Discovery companies that exists to help with the Process

essay writing

75 Readings Plus 10th Edition.
1. Read the introduction to ?Chapter 3: Process Analysis? on pages 84-85 so you
understand what I would like you to do.
2. Read Peter Elbow?s ?Desperation Writing? on pages 108-111.
3. Answers the questions found under ?Questions for Discussion? a-k on page
111?these may be typed or handwritten using a pen.
4. On page 112 under the heading, ?Suggestions for Sustained Writing,? write an
essay based on the first
paragraph of ?b:?
?This [Elbow?s ?Desperation Writing?] is an essay about how to overcome a
problem common to writers, especially beginning college writers. Write an essay
in which you provide a plan for overcoming another problem common to beginning
college students. For example, you might explain how to outline a chapter in a
textbook, how to overcome math phobia, how to take and organize notes for
research a paper, how to budget one?s time or money. Address your remarks to
first-year college students.?

Your Essay
1. The final draft of this essay must be typed and in MLA formatting from
beginning to end?if it is obvious that you did not use correct formatting, you
will receive a zero. It must be proofread for mistakes.

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