Boiling Point (1993/I)

Detailed Analysis of ‘Boiling Point (1993/I)’


While enduringly popular with the film watchers around the world, especially young people, the Boiling Point film have failed to generate much in the way of serious thrilling. Generally, a crime film depicts both justice and injustice fighting against each other, with a feeling of suspense in overall (Ramos 165). In many cases, antagonist identity is known, and the protagonist has to intervene with their plans creating a strong sense of danger and pursuit as the events degenerates (Orr 32). Boiling Point failed to go beyond an average crime film, and features actions than its title indirectly suggests.


I propose to explore various ways in which Boiling Point uses mature theme and slight forms of violence to try and move crime film lovers, but falls short of achieving this due to its plotting flaws, and naivety approach to crime orientation.

‘Boiling Point (1993/I)’ Analysis

Jimmy (Wesley) works as a federal agent who in many instances does not play things by the book (McCarthy 38-39). When his colleague is killed as a result of the violent bust, Jimmy is shipped by the department to Newark, New Jersey. He is given only seven days to find the men responsible for his colleague death and avenge his death (Jacoby 29). Ronnie, who is the killer of the dead officer, is actually Reds’ Flunkey. Reds make Ronnie believe he is a great- crook, while in reality he just a two-bit con artist. The two commence a rarely successful crime spree with Jimmy in their hot pursuit (Naremore 27).

Boiling Point is an average police crime film (even though, surprisingly, there are no high-speed car chases) with just little that is original to give to its audience (Otfinoski 101). The movie attempts to be more intelligent compared to most movies that fall into the genre, but the film that passes for ‘higher quality’ script, is a little less exciting story (Pallot 61-62). One of the major problems of the film is the lack of a great deal of action, and its ending is never in doubt. Few clever twists of the plot (none of which are significant) do not help much, and they fail to make up for the lack of energy that is evident throughout the entire movie (Grossman 22-23). I highly doubt crime film fans enjoy this film, and it has obviously predictable situations and a stock of characters.

There are only very few characters, which seems entirely irrelevant to the overall plot. Most of these characters play supporting roles, with one of the characters (Lolita Vikki) serving no more purposes than just providing few moments elusive irony and a chance to see other aspects of Reds and Jimmy personalities (Shaw 88). Unfortunately, these moment to ‘build characters’ are faulty and do not work well. It is surprising that this film has very many scenes that are designed to depict the human sides of both the………………..

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