Book Analysis

Book Analysis

Part 1; Jeffrey Tobin: Soccer Conspiracies

Question 1

            The political impact of Tango and Soccer has been an immense force towards how the people understand their status and their being in the society. The Popularity of the game would on various occasions be the talk of the town making it the second best alternative to the talks on politics. Journalist Bernado Neustadt noted that the existence of the sport would deny opportunity to other important issues regarding to the state welfare.

Question 2

            Tobin Reviews the Big and Little “P” noting that each of these can be differentiated by the roles that it plays in the society today. He calls the small p as the feminist’s theorist, which notes other aspects of the societal culture. On the other hand, the big P refers to the political scientists’ studies, economics, and traditionally oriented themes in the society. Soccer tends to cut in between two since it is viewed as an alternative for all other aspects of the society such as the learning of political aspects of the society. Additionally it tends to fit into societal norms such as dancing.

Question 3

Tobin notes the counter hegemonic possibilities of soccer as the ability of the game to assist people in the society to accept the state of affairs politically and economically. In as far as its role as he notes tends to be subverted. Its roles have been noted to be a god, and an ideology that distracts people from contemplating the issues in the society.

Question 4

The relationship between conspiracy theorizing and the working class spectators can be explained by understanding the cognitive mapping. Just like any other social aspects, sports can be viewed as a change in the aspects of the society, which has been described using an example of a cook who may be using different times from different nations. In the same way games are characterized by theories and assumptions, workers also tend to use specific assumptions to explain different activities that occur in their life.

Part 2; Taking the Field, Women Men and Sport, Michael A. Messner

Question 1

Question 11

            In response to rapid growth in women althleticim, the media has adopted

  1. silence with fields such as the sports center only devoting just about 2.2% on women sports coverage
  2. Humorous sexualization where women are viewed as mere sex objects and used as to promote other forms of sports mostly the male sports
  3. Backlash due to its high level of popularity and
  4. Selective adoption of women as centers of culture discourse

Question 12

            The ten themes in the sports arena also known as the televised sports manhood formula are:

  1. The white males will always be the voices of authority – a depiction of race segregation
  2. Sports is a man’s world
  3. Men being foregrounds in commercials which means women are accompanied by men in commercial
  4. Women are sexy props or prizes for men’s successful sport performances or consumption choices
  5. Whites Are Foregrounded In Commercials
  6. Aggressive Players Get The Prize; Nice Guys Finish Last
  7. Boys Will Be (Violent) Boys
  8. give up your body for the team
  9. Sports Is War
  10. Show some guts!

Question 13


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