Every person has the right to leave a life free of intimidation, violence and any other assault directed toward them. In light of this, the proposed study will seek to address the issue of human rights violation by the UK soldiers in the foreign soils and the application of human rights obligations[1]. The question that the paper will seek to answer is: when do human rights obligations apply in the context of infringements committed by UK soldiers on unarmed citizens in a foreign soil?

Literature Review/ Findings

British soldiers have been involved in the armed conflicts abroad in various countries such as Iraq, Syria and Libya. British soldiers have been accused for violation of human right against the ECHR and UNHRC writs. In Iraq for example, families of the Iraq people shot dead by the British soldiers on the battle have intimated an intention to sue British Ministry of defense for human rights violation by the soldiers in the European Court of Human Rights Act[2]. Various foreign citizens have fallen victim of British soldier intentional or unintentional mistreatment, wound by guns, and other acts that constitute violation of human rights in the international standard. However, it has become difficult to…………….

[1] Sinchak, Joseph. “Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Treaties: Al-Skeini et al. v. United Kingdom (2011), The.” Pace Int’l L. Rev. Online Companion (2013)

[2] Gowlland-Debbas, Vera, and Gloria Gaggioli. The relationship between international human rights and humanitarian law: an overview.


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