BUS 411 Unit Strategic Management

BUS 411 Unit Strategic Management

BUS 411 Unit 1 Discussions Latest-POST

Everything we do in a business environment is done with a strategic purpose. Your taking this course is to complete a degree program and better your opportunities for career advancement. At least for most of you.

For others it might be purely personal. So in a sense, you’re all trying to better each other for “that” job. So moving forward, from a strategic standpoint, what are you going to do to beat every other person in this course, out for that job?

How do you position yourself to “look better”? Or do you attack this from the opposite side and attempt to make everyone else look just a bit worse?

BUS 411 Unit 2 Discussions Latest-POST

How much of an impact does the “maturity” level of the industry or company have on strategy?

How can you be innovative in a mature industry?

How can you be conservative in an introductory/rapid growth situation?

Should you be conservative???

Back up your assertions with resources and readings from the course, and your own research or experience.

BUS 411 Unit 3 Discussions Latest-POST

DQ 1

Detecting unethical practices at supplier factories, to include monitoring and compliance, is a major challenge to say the least. Yet, wages drive cost and it’s an absolute necessity to maintain the lowest cost in production of any good. Or is it???

This week, focus on debate! Start or select a fellow student’s side, and eitther support, or argue against, that position. Teamwork!

But be constructive in your approach.

Discuss how important is it for companies such as Nike and Wal-Mart that source extensively from foreign suppliers located in countries where wages are low and substandard working conditions are common to institute supplier codes of conduct and undertake programs to monitor and ensure supplier compliance with these codes of conduct?

Would you recommend that a company join the Fair Labor Association and use FLA’s standards and program of factory audits instead of trying to set up its own supplier monitoring and compliance effort?

What can a company do to detect and combat the efforts of unscrupulous foreign suppliers to deceive inspection/compliance teams?

DQ 2

Post University in general, and myself specifically, need your assistance. We continually strive to be better.

So here’s your chance to unload; Identify and give examples of the steps that can be taken at the functional level to improve Post’s efficiency, product quality, ability to innovate, and responsiveness to our customers. That is, you! Remember however, to be practical and pragmatic.

This is a business. Draw from this week’s materials. Funding is not unlimited. This is a real world environment, so provide real world solutions. Cite specific examples throughout!

BUS 411 Unit 4 Discussions Latest-POST

This week, you have a car to sell. You want to purchase a new vehicle and the dealer is offering you, well, almost nothing for the car you have now. So you’re going to sell it outright.

Describe the competitive positioning you face and are going to take, the tradeoffs you face with differentiation, the cost, and any pricing options you might offer. Be creative! You need the money

BUS 411 Unit 5 Discussions Latest-POST

This week we look at tailoring business models to existing conditions and different industry environments. But I thought that in starting a business, or in fact growing a business, you need to “stand out” from the crowd.

You need to distinguish yourself and your business. So just how important then in your opinion, is tailoring the business models? Select a business that that either already exists, or you would love to start, and support your thoughts.

Show us why it is, or is not, important to tailor the models!

BUS 411 Unit 6 Discussions Latest-POST

This week let’s discuss integration. First, name a company the practices horizontal integration. Describe the structure.

Now do the same for a company vertically integrated. In your opinion, which is better to work for? Which offers workers the better opportunity to better yourself?

Now, if you owned the business, which would you implement? Think again about the workers opportunities.

Does their betterment also mean what’s best for your business?

BUS 411 Unit 7 Discussions Latest-POST

Are you a stakeholder in Post University?

Next week, in all your courses, you’re going to be asked to complete your student survey. Big deal… Why should your instructors care about what you have to say?

Why should Post care about what you have to say? What difference can you, can any stakeholder make, by conveying your thoughts to the company you’re a stakeholder in? Is there a better way to reach for a result or action from the company? If you own the company, why should you listen to whatever anyone say regarding improvement for the company you’ve poured you heart, should and monies into?

Who are we to tell you??! Ahhh, perhaps a light goes on here? Who is a stakeholder and why are they, and their voices, important?

BUS 411 Unit 8 Discussions Latest-POST

So we end with leadership. Which many would argue should be at the start of any organization.

What qualities and behaviors are most important in a leader?

Are manager’s leaders? Why or why not?

And lastly, inevitable you’ll be asked to name all the good qualities you want to see in a manager, or a leader.

Tell me the worst qualities you’ve actually experienced in managers and leaders. Why do they stand in your mind? Are you a strong enough leader yourself to employ the same tactics as you move forward in your career? Or are managers and leaders sometimes forced to use techniques that you consider “poor” at this point in your career?

BUS 411 Unit 1 Assignment Latest-POST

This week’s materials focus on Strategic Thinking.

This type of thinking employs the principles of Vision, Values and Mission.

Your assignment this week is to develop a classroom lecture that details each of these principles, and notes how each affects a person’s leadership style.

You are to use, and cite, no less than 4 outside sources. This will be in APA format and a minimum of 2 pages.

That is, the BODY of your paper is to be a minimum of 2 pages. Title pages, Abstract and resource pages do not count to the total.

BUS 411 Unit 2 Assignment Latest-POST

Assignment: Examining Business Strategy and the Five Forces Model:

The Challenges Facing eBay; Time for Changes in Strategy? This week we look at strategic thinking in the business environment.

Your assignment this week is to:

1. First, research, and create, a Porter’s Five Forces Model of eBay in either Visio, Excel, of PowerPoint format. Use external sources to assist in populating your model.

Next, report and analyze your findings, touching on the following questions;

1. What does your five forces analysis reveal about the nature and strength of the various competitive pressures eBay faces? Are the competitive pressures facing eBay and other online auction company’s conducive to earning good profits? Why or why not?

2. Based on your analysis of the industry and eBay’s situation, what problems and issues does eBay’s top management need to address? Which ones are top priorities?

3. What do you see as the key success factors for firms in the online auction industry?

You are to use, and cite, no less than 3 outside sources for your report portion. This will be in APA format and a minimum of 2 pages. That is, the BODY of your paper is to be a minimum of 2 pages. Title pages, Abstract and resource pages do not count to the total.

BUS 411 Unit 4 Assignment Latest-POST

Assignment: Finance and Operations:

This week we look at finance and operations, and apply a bit of quantitative analysis to the effort.

Your assignment this week is to analyze current financial ratios for a given business.

1. Think of a specific business you find interesting.

2. Find the financial statement for that business on the internet.

3. Now, define the following ratios, note the ratio for your business, and explain the financial health of the company when looking where the company is financially compared to its competitors.

a) Return on Capital

b) Gross Margin

c) SG&A Margin

d) Total Debt/Equity

e) Total Revenue

f) Gross Profit

BUS 411 Unit 5 Assignment Latest-POST

Assignment: Your business strategy in the Global Environment This week’s materials focus on your innovations and creativity in a global environment.

Congratulations! You have just started a new business!

Your assignment this week is to:

1. First tell me what your new business is. Do you provide a service, or a product? Define this business you’ve spent so much time dreaming of starting.

2. Next develop a PEST Analysis as the first part of the paper.

3. Finally, describe how you’re going to grow this business in the global environment.

Parts 1 and 2 will be a Word Doc. APA formatting is NOT required. You are to use, and cite, no less than 2 outside sources. Minimum of 2 pages. That is, the BODY of your paper is to be a minimum of 2 pages. Title pages, Abstract and resource pages do not count to the total.

BUS 411 Unit 6 Assignment Latest-POST

Assignment: Case Analysis: The Decision Making Process

You are to write a minimum, 2 page essay, on this week’s subject matter per below. Using a personal example from you life or organization:

1. Discuss the main phases or activities of the decision making process, including for example: the background leading up to the problem situation; problem recognition; development and evaluation of alternatives; selection of alternative; and outcome of the decision. Where possible, analyze the information seeking and information use behaviors in the decision making process.

2. Incorporate the terminology from this week to show the instructor that you have read and can apply the material effectively.

3. Discuss what could have made the process better.

BUS 411 Unit 7 Assignment Latest-POST

Assignment: The “issue” of Stakeholder Management and Corporate Performance.

You are to write a minimum, 2 page essay (text not including the reference page and title page), on this week’s subject matter per below.

When looking at stakeholders in a for profit institution (i.e. Walmart), how would you rank the stakeholders importance and input to the fiscal health of the organization? Do some stakeholders have more of a preference than others? Is the environment a stakeholder in the company? How do we make sure the environment has a voice?

BUS 411 Unit 8 Assignment Latest-POST

One of the main purposes of this course is to allow students who are about to complete their programs of study at the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business to demonstrate their familiarity with the Baldrige Core Values that have been reinforced throughout the program.

For this assignment you are required to write a reflective paper summarizing your experience of the BUS 411 course. You are expected to refer to the Baldrige Core Values in this reflective exercise and to discuss how those Core Values were exhibited in your work in this course and throughout your program of studies in the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business.

Paper requirements:

Your paper will be a minimum of 4 pages, APA format. That is, the BODY of your work will be 4 pages minimum. Title page, Abstract and reference pages do NOT count to this total. All papers will be submitted through SafeAssign to reduce the potential of plagiarism. Be sure to read the grading criteria (below) by which your paper will be evaluated before you write the paper and again after you write your paper.

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