Business Entities

Business Entities

Research thoroughly and write a paper on types of business entities. Describe, compare, and contrast at least three types of entities or structures. Examples include: Sole proprietorship, S Corporation, C Corporation, Partnership, Limited Liability Co.

Present the pros and cons of each type selected. Then, select one and explain why you chose this structure for your business.

Paper must be at least two pages, 1.5 spacing, with normal or narrow margins. Use a True Type font with a point size of 11. Include at least three references and cite these in endnotes. One reference must be from the site. **One other must be obtained from the government sites presented by Lizzie Brown (other than**

Also, follow this instructions :
1- At least 2 pages, 1.5 sp, normal or narrow margins

2-True Type font, size 11.

3-Research appears thorough; writing is informative; paper is well structured.

4-At least 3 business entities are described in detail. Pros and cons of each type are discussed. Entities are described, compared, and contrasted.

5-One entity was chosen. This choice was explained thoroughly.

6-At least 3 references were cited in endnotes was cited as was one other from our guest lecturer’s list of government sites.

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