Capacity, consent and refusal of treatment

Capacity, consent and refusal of treatment

Discuss a clinical case you have been involved with. You must use a recognised reflective model and discuss your reasons for choosing the model. A minimum of four of the following seven subject areas must be included for discussion; Capacity, consent

Talk about mental health job I went to with the ambulance service.

Got called to patient who was seeing things and talking about the devil and had a relapse of his mental health condition of schizophrenia. Wife was with patient and noticed patient was starting to get worse, contacted mental health services who were now on scene. We had to go to talk to the patient and see if he had mental health capsity of which he didnt after working through the JRCALC mental health system. trying to use effective communication to try and gain patients trust and to try and make him understand what was going to happen.

I inforced the mental capasity act as I had deemed the patient not of sound mind at that point of time and acted in his best interest. With minimal and resonable force got the patient on the ambulance with his wife and crewmate.

Can you use the Gibbs reflective model as a reflective. (I will add in any missing bits)

Can you discuss about:

– Capacity, consent and refusal of treatment
– Verbal and non-verbal communication
– Discriminatory processes
– How reflective activity helps the Paramedic meet HPC standards of CPD

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