Case Analysis of Christopher Scott Kyle

Case Analysis of Christopher Scott Kyle


Service men and women suffers various psychological disorders following a war experience. A study by Creamer, Burgess and McFarlane (2001) found out that service men/women suffer have a high rate of mental illness compared to civilians where 25% of them suffer mental disorder and 11% suffer more than one psychological problems. Some of the common mental disorders include major depression, Combat stress reaction, intermittent explosive disorder and post traumatic disorder. In Essence, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) prevalence among the service men is 15 times more than that of the civilians. PTSD develops from the exposure to the intensely distressing incidents (DSM-5 American Psychiatric Association, 2013). The intensity exposure is accompanied by release of stress-responsive, endogenous, neurohormones such as catecholamine. The hormones assist the person to gather required energy to handle the stress, but persistent and chronic stress inhibits stress response effectiveness by inducing desensitization (Morrison, 2009). Given the prevalence of mental disorders among the service men, this report seeks to analyses the case of Christopher Scott Kyle, who was one of the USA snipers serving in United States Navy SEAL.

Bio-psychosocial Assessment of the Christopher Scott Kyle

Chris Kyle was an American Sniper who died in 2013 following a gun shot by Ray Rout who was a US marine veteran suffering from PTSD. HE……………….

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